Former Students' Association

Membership to the Hitchin Boys’ School Former Students’ Association is open to all former students of the School. Present and past members of staff are also eligible to join as Honorary Members.

The object of the Association is to bring together former students to form a bond of union between past and present members of the school. It is an excellent means of keeping in touch with contemporaries and any news from former students is always welcomed.

All members of the school are eligible to join as Associates for five years after they leave. To join the Association is only £5.00 per year after that. Term Memberships, lasting 20 years are available for just £40.00, with updates after that for £20.00.

The Reunion Dinner is held in spring every year, when former students come together to hear a report from the Head Teacher, a speech from a guest speaker and a response from the Head Boy. Former students must make sure to try and get to the Reunion Dinner

Former students do help with projects in the school and our recent projects were to donate £2,000.00 towards the Pavilion refurbishment, a board celebrating Masters who had served the school for over 30 years and a new set of benches for the Quad.

There are three or four Bulletins published each year, with information about former students which has been sent in by them and also other articles of interest. We have a former students’ tie and School Photos for sale; the photos are available either in individual hard copy form or on a CD containing photos from 1896. All are for sale from the Honorary Secretary.

Contact Us

For more details of the Former Students’ Association, please contact:

Peter Cranfield,
Hon. Sec. HBSOBA,
Standhill Cottage,
43 London Road,
Herts, SG4 9EW