Former Students' Association

Membership of the Hitchin Boys’ School Former Students’ Association is open to all former students of the School. Present and past members of staff are also eligible to join as Honorary Members.

The object of the Association is to bring together former students to form a bond of union between past and present members of the school. It is an excellent means of keeping in touch with contemporaries and any news from former students is always welcomed.

All members of the school are eligible to join for free as Associates when they leave school This is for a period of five years. Full membership of the Association is only £5.00 per year after that or alternatively, Term Membership, lasting 20 years is available for just £40.00.

At present the website is being updated and all membership applications will be made through the new and revitalised website.

It will be an interactive website and will encourage communication and contributions from all members. It will contain news from members; information about universities and colleges; updates about jobs and careers. We plan that it will hopefully become a useful information resource for current and former students alike.

Contact Us

For more details of the Former Students’ Association, please contact:

Peter Cranfield,
Hon. Sec. HBSOBA,
Standhill Cottage,
43 London Road,
Herts, SG4 9EW

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