Lunchtime arrangements

Students in Years 7-10 must remain on site at lunchtime unless parents have requested that they return home for lunch. In special circumstances, parents may request in writing that their child be permitted to go into the town at lunchtime on a particular day for a specific purpose. Sixth Form students may leave the school premises if they wish but the privilege will be withdrawn if they misbehave in town.

Students may buy a school lunch in the canteen where a wide range of hot meals, sandwiches, jacket potatoes, snacks and cakes are available. The standard meal offers good value and currently costs £2.70. Students may also bring a packed lunch, to be consumed in the Dining Hall.

The school is now using the latest biometric fingerprint technology as part of its cashless catering system. All canteen transactions can then be performed without money changing hands. Parents can ‘load’ money onto their child’s biometric account by WisePay, cheque or cash. If you do not have or cannot find your WisePay login details, please contact the school. You can also access the WisePay website.

Members of staff assist with lunch time supervision during the week. The school library is open throughout the lunch hour, and a homework club operates every day. Some clubs and activities also take place during the lunch interval and there are often orchestra and sports practices.