Transport to the school

If your son is entitled to free school transport, the Transport Department of the County Council will notify you before the start of the Autumn Term.

Students who live more than a mile from the School may cycle if they receive their Head of Year's permission (a parental letter is required). All bicycles must be marked to show ownership, padlocked during the day and left only in the cycle park. We would encourage students to wear safety helmets when cycling. Bicycles must be kept in good condition. They may not be ridden in any part of the school grounds. The School cannot accept any responsibility for loss of or damage to bicycles however caused.

Motorcycles may be ridden to School only when permission has been obtained both from parents and from the Head of Year 11 or the Head of Sixth Form. Motorcycles must be kept in good order. Periodic checks are made by the Police and Road Safety Officers.

Cars driven by Sixth Form students may not be parked on the school site unless specific permission has been given in advance by a member of staff.

Please Take Note

Illegally parked cars on the school site will be clamped