“Striving for Excellence”

The curriculum at Hitchin Boys’ School is planned around four key themes:

  • it is ambitious, engaging pupils with the best that has been thought and done.
  • it is coherently planned and sequenced, so that both knowledge and skills develop and consequently understanding deepens.
  • where necessary it is tailored to fit with the individual learning needs of those with educational challenges.
  • The curriculum remains broad and balanced, both in terms of subjects taught and content studied within each subject.

By the end of Key Stage 3 students will have completed three years at Hitchin Boys’ School and have experienced a wide range of subjects, including English, Maths, Science, Languages, Humanities, Arts, Music, Sport and Technology.

At Key Stage 4, they have an opportunity to study slightly fewer subjects but to a greater depth, ready for public examinations. We ensure, however, that everyone maintains a balance of subjects while at the same time students can begin to shape their education just a little, so that it more closely reflects their individual interests and abilities. Making decisions is an important part of students taking responsibility for their own learning and, indeed, their futures.

More information on the options process for Year 9 students can be found by downloading the Options Booklet here. Our YouTube channel contains information on Key Stage 4 course content, exam specifications and resources which will help support students at home

For more information on the curriculum followed by individual departments, please download the Department Information Booklet here.

Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5 we are part of the consortium of Hitchin Schools. By working closely and creatively together as a consortium we are able to continue to expand our offer of a wide range of A level, L3 BTEC and L3 Technical qualifications. The consortium has existed for many years and we constantly review what we offer and seek ways of improving still further the opportunities for post-16 students.

The Sixth Form Prospectus for Key Stage 5 can be downloaded here.