GCSE Music Solo Performances

GCSE solo music performances will take place over the next three days.

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Board of Members Meeting

The Board of Members will meet at 6pm today.

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Ski Trip meeting

There will be a meeting at 6.30pm today in the Auditorium for the parents of students going on the ski trip in February half term.

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Y10 Tutor Evening

A number of parents of Year 10 students will have the opportunity to speak to their child's form tutor today.

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Christmas Jumper Day

Today is Christmas Jumper Day, and students are encouraged to wear a festive jumper in return for a £2 donation to charity. Payments should be made via WisePay.

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Carol Services

The school's annual traditional Carol Service will take place this evening in St Mary's Church at 7.45pm. The school choir, junior choir and brass group come together to perform carols and Christmas music, interspersed with traditional readings from members of …

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Full Governing Board Meeting

There will be a full governing board meeting at 6pm today.

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Y11 Consultation Evening

Parents of students in Year 11 will have the opportunity to speak to their child's subject teachers tonight, from 3.45pm.

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Y9 trip to the Natural History Museum

Year 9 students will be visiting the Natural History Museum today on a combined Art and Science trip.

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End of term

Term finishes at 12.30pm today for the Christmas holidays.

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