School uniform

The School takes pride in the appearance of its pupils. Poorly dressed boys reflect badly on the public image of the School, which puts all its pupils at a disadvantage. In years 12 and 13 students are required to wear a suit or jacket and trousers, a formal shirt with a collar and tie. The School outfitters are Beat School Uniforms in Hermitage Road, from whom the ** clothing may be obtained. The School sportswear supplier is Tylers Sportswear from whom the * clothing may be obtained.

Uniform Clothing

  • Shirt: White or grey, with buttons of the same colour, stiff collar, no emblem or logo, short or long sleeves, one breast pocket with no button or no pocket
  • Trousers: Long, charcoal-grey or black, with sharp creases. Belt permitted. No denim
  • Socks: Grey, black or dark blue – unpatterned
  • Shoes: Black, leather or imitation leather
  • Pullover: Grey, V-neck, with or without the school colours knitted into the V-neck
  • Blazer: Navy blue, with the school badge** either integral or sewn on.
  • Tie: House tie with the appropriate coloured stripe. Sports colours may be worn if presented by the School as may County team ties for team members.
  • Outdoor coat: Plain blue, black, grey or green with no graphic embellishment. No ‘hoodies’.
  • Hat: In winter only, a plain woollen hat may be worn for warmth. In summer, a plain cap may be worn at break and lunchtime.

Sports Clothing

  • One school rugby shirt*
  • One navy blue T-shirt*
  • Pair of navy blue rugby shorts*
  • Pair of navy blue rugby socks
  • Pair of football boots
  • Pair of non-marking training shoes
  • School tracksuit*
  • Gum shield (highly recommended)
  • One hockey stick