The School takes pride in the appearance of its pupils. Poorly dressed students reflect badly on the public image of the School, which puts all its pupils at a disadvantage. In years 12 and 13 students are required to wear a suit or jacket and trousers, a formal shirt with a collar and tie.

Uniform Clothing

  • Shirt: White with buttons of the same colour, stiff collar, short or long sleeves. If the shirt has a breast pocket, it must be a single pocket with no button. If the shirt has a logo, it must be the school badge on the breast pocket (and this style of shirt can be worn without a tie in the summer term).
  • Trousers: Long, charcoal-grey or black, with sharp creases. Belt permitted. No denim.
  • Socks: Grey, black or dark blue – unpatterned.
  • Shoes: Black, leather or imitation leather. No trainers or shoes that resemble trainers.
  • Blazer: Navy blue, with the school badge available from Beat School Uniform and may be bought either with an integral badge or with the badge purchased separately and then sewn on at home. Blazer can be obtained from other vendors as long as it is the same navy blue colour and has the school badge sewn on.
  • Tie: House tie with the appropriate coloured stripe. Sports colours may be worn if presented by the School; as may County team ties for team members. Available from Beat School Uniform.
  • Outdoor coat: Plain coloured waterproof coat. No ‘hoodies’. Students will be typically outside for break and lunch, so a warm and waterproof coat is essential in the winter months.
  • Jumper: Jumper: Grey, V-neck, with or without the school colours knitted into the V-neck. Available from Beat School Uniform.
  • Hat: In winter only, a plain woollen hat or HBS branded hat may be worn outside for warmth, but must be removed indoors.

School PE/Games Kit

  • Samurai multi-sport sublimated reversible shirt* (this is used for rugby, football, hockey. It is reversible so that teams can be organised in lessons with tops reversed to display a different team colour. The modern material means that this can be used as an indoor shirt also).
  • Samurai Shorts* (used throughout the year and are a specific material and length).
  • Pair of navy blue rugby socks
  • Pair of studded football boots
  • Pair of non-marking training shoes
  • Hockey stick (clearly named) with hockey stick bag (for durability and safe transport).
  • Mouthguard
  • School Canterbury Mid-layer 1⁄4 zip Top* or School Hoodie Tracksuit top (These may only be worn in PE lessons or fixtures, not under a blazer or on top of normal school uniform. The school branded hoodie is the only hoodie permitted)
  • HBS Indoor navy T – Shirt* (this is a low cost. lightweight top that is used for indoor sports such as basketball, badminton, gymnastics etc and for outdoor sports in summer.)
  • School tapered Tracksuit Bottoms* or plain navy blue coloured tracksuit bottoms. Please note these should be polyester, not ‘jogging’ bottoms.
  • Shin Pads (highly recommended for hockey and football)

The school sportswear supplier is Tylers Sportswear where the * clothing can be obtained. You are also able to personalise the sportswear with a name or initials at an additional cost. All orders can be purchased online at Tylers Sportswear. From here click on ‘School Webshops’ in the top right hand corner of the home page and then click on ‘Hitchin Boys’ School’. Alternatively they welcome visitors to their shop: Tylers Sportswear, 6 Woodfield Road, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire AL7 1JQ.

We are very fortunate in Hitchin to have the support of the Hitchin Educational Foundation, who may be able to help with the cost of school uniform and PE kit. Further information can be found on the school website