Paid employment outside school hours

Paid employment outside school hours has obvious attractions, providing finance and work experience. However, it is important to remember that their first duty is to their academic work. In addition, they should be able to continue to fulfil their obligations to choir, orchestra, school games, etc.

Parents are asked to ensure that their child is able to cope with the continuing demands of school and the job. Examination work from Year 10 onwards is particularly demanding.

No student under the age of 13 may take on paid employment. The rules covering the hours and days a student of 13 or over may work are complicated and depend on the age of the child, the day of the week, the type of work being undertaken and whether it is during term time or school holidays.

Full details of the rules and regulations can be found on the Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) website

The information in this section is based on the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 [as amended by the Children (Protection at Work) Regs 1988] and Hertfordshire County Byelaws 1998. In most cases, students will require a work permit, completed by the employer and the student, which can also be downloaded from the HCC website.