If you have a concern that is of a Pastoral nature then please contact, in the first instance, the Head of Year and then the appropriate Head of School.

Main School (Years 7 - 11)

There are eight mixed-ability tutor groups in each year.

Deputy Head Teacher (Pastoral) Mr. D. Ajagbonna
Head of Key Stage 3 Mrs. J. McCall
Assistant Head of Key Stage 3 Mr. R. Kotecha
Head of Year 7 Mrs. S. Stanton
Head of Year 8 Dr. H. Nuttall
Head of Year 9 Mr. A. Roberts
Head of Key Stage 4 Miss. K. Lane
Assistant Head of Key Stage 4 Mr. J. Rombout
Head of Year 10 Mr. L. Fitts
Head of Year 11 Mrs. C. Cavill
Upper School (Years 12 and 13)

There are 14 tutor groups in the sixth form.

Head of Sixth Form Mrs.E. Christou
Head of Year 12 Mr. D. Goring
Head of Year 13 Mr. Mitchell Wilson