School attendance

Parents have a legal responsibility to make sure that their son attends school daily and that he arrives on time. Please support us in ensuring we maintain up to date registers by following the guidelines set out below.

Parents Must

  • Inform the school by 8:45am of any unforeseen absences; either by telephone on 01462 432181 (select Option 1) or by email
  • Inform the school of any medical appointments in advance wherever possible, or again by 8:45am using the above methods.
  • Seek permission from the school for any foreseen absences that are planned for future dates; these requests should be sent for the attention of the appropriate Head of Year. This can be done either online, or in writing. The School will consider each request carefully before granting leave of absence. Absence will not normally be authorised retrospectively.

Students Must

  • Sign in at reception if arriving after 8:45am
  • Sign out at reception if leaving the premises for medical appointments or other authorised reasons
  • Sign out at reception if unwell during school hours
  • Provide a letter from parents if absence has not yet been authorised by school

Family Holidays - Education law does not allow parents to request leave of absence during term time for the purpose of a family holiday. Any parent considering such holiday arrangements must write to the relevant Head of School.

Illness or accident at school - If a boy falls ill or has a minor accident, we will inform his parents, or nominated person, in order that he can be collected from school. If he becomes seriously ill or has a serious accident, we shall arrange for him to be taken to a local hospital and will inform his parents, or nominated person, at the earliest opportunity.

Year 10+

With the increasing demands of GCSE and Advanced level courses it is entirely inappropriate for boys in Years 10 and above to be absent from school on holiday.