School attendance

Parents have a legal responsibility to make sure that their child attends school daily and that he arrives on time. Should he be away for any reason, an email to or telephone call on the first day and subsequent days of absence is required.

A written request for leave of absence for dental, hospital or doctor's appointments should be made well in advance and should not be on the day of the actual appointment, except in cases of emergency. Where possible, these should be made outside school hours. As the school is ‘in loco parentis' in matters of supervision, your child must have written permission to sign out when he leaves school for an appointment and sign back in again when he returns after the appointment. The Signing In/Out Book is located in Reception.

Any absence from school can affect your child’s academic progress. Students are therefore not expected to take leave of absence during term time. The school will not be able to authorise absence for time out of school for reasons other than illness except in wholly exceptional or unavoidable circumstances. Should requests be made which do not fulfil the criteria any resulting absences will be unauthorised and appear as such on the student’s record. If your child’s attendance is a concern, then the Local Authority Attendance Officer will be informed. We use Fixed Penalty Notices, following the Hertfordshire County Council Guidance for Schools.

If your child is taken ill in school, he must report to Reception. If he is not well enough to remain in school, the school will contact parents. Your child must not ring home and ask you to collect him.

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