Community Partners

Working together to meet the needs of all young people from 0-19 years within the schools in Hitchin and the villages.

Hitchin Partnership is comprised of the 26 schools (both primary and secondary) situated within Hitchin town and the surrounding villages. It has a team of five to support the development of family support and specialist services in our area.

What can we offer?

Hitchin Partnership currently employs three Family Support Workers to support you and your children with any concerns you may be facing. We provide an extensive service for parents to discuss confidential matters. The team work with Hitchin schools and their families to remove barriers that are preventing family members achieving their full potential on an educational, developmental or emotional wellbeing basis.


Working with families we hope to:

  • Promote family led approaches that are realistic and sustainable for you;
  • Identify strengths, help to build upon self-esteem and confidence to sustain changes;
  • Offer regular meetings together to review progress and barriers;
  • Work alongside you as a professional friend.

Contact Us

The Cabin,
Wilshere Dacre Academy,
Fishponds Road,
Hitchin, SG5 1NS

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