Christmas Market 2019

This year's Christmas Market, organised by the Parents' Society, took place on Monday 2nd December. Guests were able to buy locally produced gifts, enjoy games and entertainment and feast on a range of seasonal food and drink. Photos of the event were supplied by parent Paul Rogers (

Ski Trip 2019

During February half term over 50 students and teachers travelled to the Austrian alps for the annual school ski trip. Wagrain is one of three ski resorts that make up Snow Space Salzburg. Here is a selection of pictures from the week.


This year's school production just before February half term was Cabaret. Students and staff worked hard for months to put on a fantastic production of a challenging musical. Here is a selection of photos taken by Year 13 student Jamie behind the scenes, as the show was being put together.

Windtunnel workshop

Earlier in November, 18 budding Young Engineers worked with two Graduate Engineers from Lockheed-Martin in Ampthill to design and build model cars that were as aerodynamically efficient as possible. They also looked at engineering career paths and the kind of projects that Lockheed-Martin are involved in. The car models were tested in a small wind tunnel before the boys had a lecture about the five different types of drag that impact on fast moving objects. They then made an 'improved' version of their car, which was tested again. The most efficient car was 'Blue Streak', with a drag coefficient of 0.056. The designers were Sam C, Tom B and Jamie M-S. The most improved car was 'Motls', which went from a drag coefficient of 1.114 to 0.057. The designers were Henry K, Jacob S and Charlie U.