Learning for Life

Learning for Life includes Personal Social Health & Economic Education (PSHEE), spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) and the Personal Development Curriculum.

The newly-formed Learning for Life team at HBS will help students go on to the next step in their lives with a feeling of achievement and self-worth and as confident and critical thinkers. They should be able to show kindness and care for others, courtesy and mutual respect and finally turn into well-rounded, successful young men and future citizens, full of enjoyment, happiness and enthusiasm.

The team includes a Learning for Life Co-ordinator, whose responsibility is to lead, manage, develop and be accountable for the delivery of Learning for Life experiences with which students are able to engage, within and outside the classroom both in PSHEE lessons, Tutor Time, Assembly and outside the curriculum from Years 7-13.

Their responsibility is to ensure students explore the three key themes of Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World including, but not limited to: British values, rights, responsibilities, duties and freedoms, laws, justice and democracy; diverse beliefs, cultures and identities and the values we share as UK and global citizens; sex, relationships and sexual orientation; keeping safe and safeguarding themselves and others; human rights and knowing where to go for help.

The team is led by the SLT Learning for Life Lead and also includes the House system co-ordinator, the Duke of Edinburgh Award co-ordinator and the Careers Team.